Blood Window, the Latin American Fantastic Film Market organized by INCAA, finished its second edition with a closing ceremony held at the Ventana Sur auditorium.

The six judges of the prizes Bwip (Bloody Work in Progress) and Beyond the Window (projects in development) gave the awards.
José Luis Rebordinos, Director of the San Sebastian Film Festival and curator of the section Bwip gave the awards to the films “Los Parecidos”, Dir. Isaac Ezban (Mexico), “Luna de miel”, Dir .Diego Cohen (Mexico), “Scherzo Diabólico”, Dir Adrián García Bogliano (Mexico) and Testigo Intimo, Dir. Santiago Fernandez Calvetes (Argentina).
The awards consisted on Postproduction services and distribution


1) The judges of the companies WILDFOX and ASSIMILATE, formed by Daniel de la Vega and Nacho Mazzini, awarded

“Los Parecidos” Dir Isaac Ezban. Award of color correction and advice by a visual effects supervisior by ASSIMILATE.


2) The judges of the company HABANERO, formed by Patricia Martín and Alfredo Calvino. awarded


“Luna de miel” Dir. Diego Cohen. USD 5000 a distribution advance.


3) The judges of MORBIDO FILM FESTIVAL, formed by Pablo Guisa, gave two awards. The first one was for

“Scherzo Diabólico”. Dir. Adrián García Bogliano. Distribution of the film in Mexican territory as Vod,. PayTv, DVD format.

The second award was for “Los Parecidos”, Dir. Isaac Ezban. Digital titles design 2D and 3D.


4) The judges of ROMA LAZIO FILM COMMISSION, formed by Luciano Sovena (President) and Cristina Priarone (General Manager) awarded

“Luna de miel” Dir. Diego Cohen. Finalization of a film on DCP format.


5) The judges of the company MR. MUSIC&MR.FILMS, formed by Kenneth Muller, awarded


“Testigo Intimo”, Dir. Santiago Fernández Calvetes. Assembly and mastering of sound 5.1.


At this edition, and for the first time, an award and and a mention were given to two projects in development of the section Beyond the Window.


The judges of the company DIVICOM RENTAL, formed by Jorge Ricaldoni, awarded the project


“Punto Muerto”, Dir. Daniel de la Vega. Alexa camera schooling to be agreed for the shooting of a film.


The judges of ROMA LAZIO FILM COMMISSION, formed by Luciano Sovena (President) and Cristina Priarone (General Manager) gave a “Psycho Mention” to the project

“Habana, territorio de vampiro”, Dir-. Carlos Lechuga and Claudia Calviño.


For their part, the Austin Fantastic Fest selected two projects to participate on the next edition of the “Fantastic Market”. The projects in question:

“Desalmados”, Dir. Armando Fonseca and Raphael Borghi (Brazil)

“Endemoniados”, Dir. Ramiro García Bogliano


The market had a strong presence of directors and festival producers from different parts of the world. They formed a panel with Latin American directors and producers. The panelists

RodneyPerkins , Austin FantasticFest, USA

Alan Jones, 4film FrightFest, UK

Pablo Guisa , Morbido Film Fest, Mexico

Rodrigo Duarte, ZinemaZombieFest, Colombia

Danny Sangho , Pifan , Korea

José Miguel Beltran , San Sebastian Horror Film Week, Spain

Joao Fleck , Fantaspoa , Brazil

Lindsay Peters, Fantasia, Canada

GuiDelmote, BIFF, Bruxelles Fantastic Film Festival, Belgium

Gabriel Schipani, Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre, Argentina.


The industry panel this year was formed by


Priscilla Ross, ArchstoneDistribution, USA

Mette-Marie Katz , XYZ, USA

Mark Spratt, Potencial Films, Australia

Rosana Coutinho, Jinga Films , UK

Andrew Hunt, Raven Banner, Canada

AnnickMahnert, Raven Banner, Canada

FredericGentet, ReelSuspect, France


Among other activities, a panel formed by Latin American film directors and the announcement of the first Fantastic Film contest organized by INCAA have been part of this second edition of Blood Window.